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Η έννοια της τουριστικής ανάπτυξης έτσι όπως ορίστηκε τα προηγούμενα χρόνια και με τον τρόπο που τη βίωσαν οι κοινωνίες και οι πολιτισμοί μοιάζει να φτάνει στο τέλος της. Σήμερα, απαιτούνται νέοι τρόποι σύλληψης και εφαρμογής παραδειγμάτων ανάπτυξης Και εξωστρέφειας. Καινοτόμα και ανατρεπτική σκέψη, ριζοσπαστικοί τρόποι, που θα συμπεριλαμβάνουν όλο και περισσότερους, οριζόντια διάχυση ωφελειών, σεβασμός στο περιβάλλον, ψηφιακή εν συναίσθηση και αειφόρα κατεύθυνση είναι προϋποθέσεις μιας δυναμικής επιχειρηματικής πολιτικής.

Οι προορισμοί, οι φορείς, τα καταλύματα και οι επαγγελματίες του τουρισμού που κατανοούν τις μεγάλες και γρήγορες αλλαγές και συναισθάνονται την ανάγκη εφαρμογής νέων μοντέλων ανάπτυξης θα συναντήσουν στα στελέχη της Wise Ram S.A. τους κατάλληλους συνεργάτες.

Στόχος μας αταλάντευτος παραμένει η αειφόρα ανάπτυξη της επιχείρησης, του Καταλύματος, του προορισμού, του γεγονότος μέσα από μια δυναμική, σύγχρονη και καινοτόμα πολιτική. Η εταιρική, ηθική ευθύνη και ο σεβασμός στο κοινωνικό και φυσικό μας περιβάλλον συνοδεύουν κάθε μας ενέργεια.


Σπύρος Πέγκας

CEO, Wise Ram S.A.

Spiros Pengas was born in Thessaloniki. He served as a Deputy Mayor in Thessaloniki from 2011 -2019. During his term, he managed to reverse Thessaloniki’s cultural profile from an introvert and ethnocentric into a cosmopolitan, multicultural and open to the world city. He co-organised international events such as the ‘15th Biennale of Young Artists of the Mediterranean Countries’, the ‘World Music Expo 2012’ and the ‘World Rowing Coastal Championship 2014’. He initiated various innovative programs, such as ‘Sleepover –Kids in the Museums’, ‘Free City Tours for the Citizens’, ‘Teenage Angst’, ‘Support Your Local Heroes’ - Festival, ‘Thessaloniki’s Food Festival’ and ‘Future Library’, a joint venture with Stavros Niarxos Foundation renovating and renewing four Kids’ Libraries in Thessaloniki. He is the instigator of 'Cities’ Diplomacy', an awarded by 'Greek Hospitality Awards 2016' project, and various 'spin offs', ideas and projects.

He has been founding member and board member of the Convention Bureau of Thessaloniki (TCB). He also served as Deputy President of the ‘Thessaloniki Tourism Organization’, President and CEO of the ‘Metropolitan Development Agency of Thessaloniki SA and as member of the board of the ‘Thessaloniki International Expo SA’ and the ‘Thessaloniki Film Festival’.

In 2019, he gave birth to Wise Ram, a company which promotes tourism and hospitality growth. He has been cooperating and advising municipalities and regions, organizations and companies on matters of tourism development.

Academic Background & Career

He attended the German School of Thessaloniki.
He then studied at the Albert-Ludwig-University in Freiburg i. Br., 1986 -1989 (Vor-Diplom in Political Science)
He continued his studies at the Ludwig-Maximillian-University in Munich, 1989 – 1992 (MA, Magister International Relations, Contemporary History, Amerikanistik)
He then moved to Brussels where he worked as an Intern at the local United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Office (UNHCR)
In June 2011, he was invited to attend the Executive Seminar ‘Public Leaders in Southeast Europe’ from Harvard University, J.F. Kennedy School of Government – Kokkalis Program in Athens
2013, he participated at Urbact’, the First Pilot Training Seminar for Elected Representatives of the European Union in Brussels
2014 – 2016 Spiros represented Thessaloniki at the German Marshall Fund’s METROS Program, a joint project with the cities of Torino, Genova and Bilbao
2020 he worked for the American Farm School as Project Manager and Academic Consultant.
Since 2019 he is Adjunct Instructor at the American College Thessaloniki, MS in Tourism & Hospitality.

Spiros Pengas has been writing to various national media outlets. He has also been featured in international media outlets from Spiegel Magazine and ARD to Neue Zuercher Zeitung and BBC World. He has been a frequent and sought-after speaker talking and presenting in international fora and conferences around the world. He is fluent in Greek, English and German.


Λώρα Αργυροπούλου

Marketing & Communication Strategist

Laura Argyropoulou is a marketing & communication expert with a focus on the destination marketing. After studying Finance & Business Administration, she obtained a master degree in Communication and Digital Media. During the same period, she was working for the International Film Festival of Thessaloniki in the department of Public Relations. Following this experience, she got involved in organizing festivals, congresses & corporate events, working for a Professional Congress Organizer. Since 2017, she had been working for “Thessaloniki Convention Bureau” as an Executive Coordinator. She got involved in the MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions & Exhibitions) tourism industry, representing the destination in international exhibitions and B2B forums. Group presentations to MICE buyers, familiarization trips coordination, B2B forums, educational events and the annual marketing & business plan for the city of Thessaloniki as a MICE destination were some of her job responsibilities. After one-year break, experiencing in managing corporate projects abroad on behalf of “Liberty international tourism organization”, she is back in Greece working in Wise Ram SA for the destinations' tourism development. She is also working as a researcher and communication advisor in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki for educational projects related with the growth of Nautical and Watersports Tourism in Greece.




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